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I love the sea. I need to escape to relish it and to look at its immensity, its strength, its sweetness, its sound, its smell. In the moment, I feel full, free, happy, and as if I understand everything. ULA was born during the confinement of 2020, we were lucky enough to have the whole family together in a cave home in the middle of the mountains. In many moments, I closed my eyes and heard the sea within me. Meanwhile, during these months, my sister-in-law was pregnant. There are some who see pregnancy in ULA.

ULA was born as a tribute to my memories from summer holidays by the sea. ULA means “jewel of the sea”. And as such, it reminds us and tells us of that organicity. A perfect curve of continuous movement.
Hand-carved in marble by expert craftsmen in the south of Spain, each slab is different and unique in its veins, markings, and textures. ULA sculpture collection emits subtle but resounding energy. Harmony, simplicity, naturalness of forms.