Autumn Leaf Collection


Handmade in Iroko or Cerejeira wood, Aluminium and Bronze.

Numbered and Limited Edition.


W: 550 mm / 21,6 in

D:  330 mm / 12,9 in

H: 70 mm / 2,7 in

Weight:  1,5 kg without ropes. 

LEAD TIME: 6/8 weeks* 



W: 600 mm / 21,6 in

D:  370 mm / 12,9 in

H: 200-180 mm / 7,8- in

Weight:  3kg without ropes. 

LEAD TIME: 6/8 weeks* 




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“I loved swinging when I was a child, I really enjoyed closing my eyes and feeling the breeze. It made me feel like a bird at that moment. With Autumn Leaf I wanted to bring that memory creating a piece that connects us directly with nature by sitting on a leaf.” Verónica Mar

AUTUMN LEAF takes us back to the feeling of freedom from when we were little, swinging gently as we enjoyed flying.

The fall of the leaves in autumn is the movement made by the swing. Autumn means “the fullness of the year” and it is that at that moment, when we swing, enjoying what life symbolizes, a game, where we fly flowing.


Handmade in cast aluminum, bronze, or hand carved in wood, each of the pieces has unique energy given by the alchemist craftsman. As the brilliant Romanian philosopher and mythologist, Mircea Eliade said: “The alchemist adopts and perfects the work of Nature, at the same time that he works to ‘make’ himself.”

This piece is specially designed for adults and children. AUTUMN LEAF won the 1st International Design Award at the Sustainable Cities Fair in Porto, Portugal in 2012.