Ginkgo Chandelier
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The sunlight that filters through the trees and gives us that subtle and soft shadow was the first idea of ​​the effect that I wanted to create with the first piece of this collection, a chandelier. At that very moment in late 2014 I also began to create my ethereal organic sculptures symbolizing the union between the opposite energies, Yin Yang. I wanted this symbolism to be reflected in the chandelier as well. Looking for references, I found that in nature it is the Ginkgo Biloba tree that represents this union. The Ginkgo Biloba is one of the most beautiful trees in the world because of its fan-shaped leaves, and its symbolism, providing harmony and balance. That’s what clients get when they acquire a Ginkgo piece.  


In this collection, I work with lighting and its inherent duality.

Thus, my Ginkgo is a tree that gives shade, illuminates. 

The line is designed from the wonderful Ginkgo Biloba tree, one of the oldest of humanity that symbolically represents duality: the masculine and feminine principle, the sky and the earth, the visible and the hidden, the Sun and the Moon. , the yin and the yang. That is why it is considered a sacred tree.

Slow and constant growth, like the action of Enlightenment, pillar, support, the axis of Zen Buddhism, which is satori, the awareness.

For this reason, as the psychiatrist Carl Jung brilliantly explained in his time: “Light is not only a physical sensation but an intuitive perception that we enjoy when something from nature or culture attracts and enchants us.” The Ginkgo collection also represents the soul.

The production process of this piece is truly like a jewel. Lost wax casting is an ancient jewelry technique. One by one, the Ginkgo leaves are created through molds of real leaves, in wax. One by one leaf and branches are welded until each one of the unique pieces of this collection is shaped. The gold-plated finish makes each piece give an aura of a sacred and beautiful object at the same time.