The Fig Tree Chandelier was created for a collector in Formentera, Spain. Inspired by the unusual fig trees that can be found on this wonderful island, this type of Fig tree is unique in the world. The leaves are smaller and the branches are longer and thicker due to the climate.

In Formentera the fig trees have titanic proportions, they are really big. In addition, they are propped up by their owners with “estalons”, pinewood logs, to facilitate the collection of the fruits, and with this, they provide an exquisite shade for locals and foreigners in the hot months.

These “estalons” are placed with the upper end in the shape of a Y that helps to support the branches of the fig tree while the lower part is embedded in the ground at about 15 cm. deep to prevent animals from moving them.

The Fig Tree Chandelier is handmade in brass goldplated.

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PRICE: Upon Request