Coral Reef Ibiza


“The coral reefs were one of the most abundant plants on the Ibizan beaches. This sconce sculpture makes us aware of that abundance that can be regenerated if we care with conscience and light, the wonderful landscape, and the paradisiac beaches of Ibiza island. I wanted to create this piece to shed light on this problem that we must reverse.” Verónica Mar

Each one of the corals was hammered by Verónica by hand and treated with a different patina to give them the final finish.

The organic placement of the pieces makes this sculpture a monumental work of 7 meters long. Created especially for the Hotel Barceló Portinatx Ibiza.

Wall Sculpture sconce, 5 meters in length, ambient lighting, created in brass. May 2017, for the reception at Hotel Barceló 4* Ibiza.


LEAD TIME: Upon Request

PRICE: Upon Request