Handmade in marble.

Numbered and Limited Edition


W: 2000 mm / 78,7 in

D:  500 mm / 19,6 in

H: 450 mm / 17,7 in

Weight:  50 kg  


LEAD TIME: 2/3 months

PRICE: 12.000€

“I dreamt of this bench. It was totally clear in my dream. I remember it perfectly that I got up suddenly at 4 am and drew several lines, so as not to forget it the next day. I love the meaning of it: The Beginning” Verónica Mar.

The influence of Japanese aesthetics can be seen in this piece, in the search for harmony through simplicity, naturalness of forms and the elimination of unnecessary or superfluous elements.

 ALFA is created with several pieces of Krion and the white symbolizes purity in all its aspects. Her goal was to create a versatile piece that could be placed both indoors and outdoors, private and controlled public spaces. It also can be used as a low table. This piece was presented at Milan Design Week in collaboration with Porcelanosa Krion.