Verónica Mar


Handmade in Acrylic Stone, KRION Porcelanosa Solid Surface.

Numbered and Limited Edition


W: 300 mm / 118,7 in

D: 560 mm / 22 in

H: 450 mm / 17,7 in

Weight: 150 kg.

Inspired by the spiral movement that can be observed from the infinite elements such as the universe or DNA chains to the growth of plants and flowers. This shape symbolizes constant movement and regeneration.

1st Prize at the international design contest of urban furniture made in Solid Surface among more than 500 projects submitted. London, September 2011. Made in Krion, this bench can be placed outdoors or indoors.

Each piece is individually numbered and Limited and comes with a signed Certificate of authenticity from Verónica Mar. The entire piece is made by expert craftsmen in Spain. 

LEAD TIME: Upon Request

PRICE: 9,000* €