Verónica Mar


Design for Porcelanosa

The new Krion exhibition has surprised architecture and interior design lovers and professionals with an outdoor showroom made up of pieces of furniture designed by Verónica Mar and handmade by 2eses, which show the multiple applications and qualities of Krion® Snow White.

Inspired by the shapes and elements of nature, The 4 Elements, proposes as many spaces featuring the solid surface of the PORCELANOSA Grupo and the avant-garde design: Mare, Cala, Alfa, and Yerba.

With a slim design where simple lines prevail, the Mare series chaise long and table are inspired by the reflections produced by light in contact with the waves of the sea, configuring pieces that are reminiscent of typical beach furniture. On the other hand, the Cala bench, formed from a single sheet of Krion®, is inspired by the suggestive curves of this characteristic flower. As for the Alfa bench, suitable for controlled interiors and exteriors, the inspiration comes from the infinity symbol, and surprising compositions can be achieved with the combination of several of these benches. Finally, the Yerba series, consisting of an outdoor table and chair, is reminiscent of grass and shoots that spontaneously appear in the field.

An expert in interior design, landscaping, and sculptural designs, Verónica Mar has been presenting her creations nationally and internationally in Milan, London, Madrid, and more, since 2007. For more than two years, the designer has collaborated on a recurring basis with the 2eses team, experts in working with metals, wood, and other materials, and now also in transforming the solid surface KRION by PORCELANOSA Grupo

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