PHARUS from Latin which means Lighthouse. Inspired by the monumentality of the mountains that Stonika’s textures create, the essence of individuality that is constant in my work, and the presence of the inner glow of each person. I have created PHARUS made up of pillars of different heights, organically placed that present the different textures and reflective qualities of this material.

Gold is the king of metals and, therefore, a symbol of perfection and peak, similar to the Sun in our Galaxy for its brilliance, luminosity, and purity.
According to Hindu doctrine, gold is the “mineral light.” It is a symbol of perenniality, of immortality, and that is how it has always been considered by all cultures.
At first, the piece had been planned to be with gold leaf, but due to the limited time we had for its production, we opted to use gold paint.
With PHARUS I have tried to offer design, value, and inspiration following the philosophy of the Cosentino Group. The different monoliths present the 6 textures and colors of the new STONIKA series. Each of its pieces shines from the inside, reflecting that essence that we all carry within and representing the beauty of the human being in a work that transmits harmony and balance and the solid foundation that Grupo Cosentino represents.