Verónica Mar

Leaf Collection


Handmade in Iroko or Cerejeira wood, Aluminium and Bronze.

Numbered and Limited Edition.

W: 550 mm / 21,6 in

D:  330 mm / 12,9 in

H: 70 mm / 2,7 in

Weight:  1,5 kg without ropes. 

Inspired by the falling leaves of autumn, and specially designed for adults and children.  LEAF will lead us to relive the feeling of freedom when we were kids, rocking quietly while enjoying the scenery of the space surrounding us. Each piece is individually numbered and Limited and comes with a signed Certificate of authenticity from Verónica Mar. The entire swing is carved in solid wood by sculptors in Spain.

AUTUMN LEAF in aluminium and gold plated bronze,  a work of art that creates an exceptional atmosphere of unusual beauty. Nautical ropes available in white, black, navy blue, red, and hemp.

LEAD TIME: 6/8 weeks


1900€ in wood.

1900€ in Aluminium.

6000€ in 24k gold plated bronze.

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