La Semilla Bakery

“La Semilla” is an artisan bakery that seeks to turn the shopping experience into an emotional event. Two trees, an installation of pine wood sticks arranged in different directions and lengths to get the effect of a forest, where tree branches touching each other. Upon entering the room the two trees embrace customer and girls who attend bringing a sense of wellbeing and natural warmth. The black on the walls highlight each line and tree branches also giving importance to the product of exhibitors and shelves.

This project has been a challenge for our study because the client, a very good friend, only had a budget of 5000 euros, where all the furniture was reused from their previous bakery so we could only intervene on walls and ceiling.

We also created the naming and branding. “La Semilla” is an emotional bakery that makes you think with phrases and quotes painted on their walls such us: “All your actions are a seed that eventually bear fruit”.