Pharus Stonika for Cosentino

Verónica Mar has created a new sculpture showing the 6 textures of Stonika by Cosentino. Working in exclusivity for Cosentino City Madrid PHARUS was launched the 20th of March in the capital of Spain.

PHARUS from Latin meaning FARO. Inspired by the monumentality of the mountains that create the Stonika textures, in the essence of the individuality that is the constant in my work and the presence of the interior brightness of each person. I have created PHARUS formed by pillars of different heights, organically placed that present the different textures and reflective qualities of this material.

With PHARUS I have tried to offer design, value, and inspiration following the philosophy of the Cosentino Group. The different monoliths present the 6 textures and colors of the new STONIKA series. Each of his pieces shines from the golden inside reflecting that essence that we all carry inside and representing the beauty of the human being in a work that transmits harmony and balance and the solid foundation that Cosentino Group represents.

Verónica Mar presented the evolution of her work, “From Nature to Essence”, to convey the origin of PHARUS. We could see her capacity to represent different materials and forms using her central theme of organic essence. The characteristic curves of Verónica Mar´s work can be seen in the organic formation of the pillars of PHARUS Stonika.

This sculpture is for sale, for further information please contact us.