Verónica Mar


Conference ESI

Verónica participated in the conference of interior design «Cluster ESI» organized by the School of Design of Valladolid.

Installation at PORCELANOSA KRION®

Our installation at the PORCELANOSA KRION headquarters in Villa Real, Castellón, Spain. Where we presented ALFA, CALA, MARE y YERBA producing in collaboration with 2eSes. For further information click HERE.

VMD & 2eSes

2eSes made this VIDEO where you can see the entire VMD creations production process and the work of the artisans.

Installation at PORCELANOSA KRION®

The 4 Elements of nature are the link and the base of conceptualization for the presentation of these different furnitures both for exterior and interior, «CALA, MARE, ALFA and YERBA». 4 different furnitures, 4 exhibition spaces, representations of how KRION® can be used in furniture for contract. Designs by Verónica Martínez Design, in KRION® Snow White, produced by 2eSes.