Exhibition “en el límite de la Objetualidad” CAOTICS Gallery Madrid

From the 8th of February until the 3rd of March Verónica Mar will be exhibiting different unique pieces, explaining her work from Design inspired by Nature to Art representing the Essence of the human being.

Together with Andrea Santamarina, the two artist-designers talk through ethereal lines creating unique subtle pieces.

TESLA & Verónica Mar Design

Tesla Motors has selected the S SCULPTURE bench to preside the entrance of their new showroom in Los Angeles. Further information at LAB23


CORAL REEF IBIZA. Unique piece. Sculpture of 5 meters, for the wall with ambient lighting, created in brass in May 2017, for the reception at Barceló 4* Hotel in Portinatx, Ibiza.The coral reefs were one of the most abundant plants in the Ibizan beaches. This sculpture lamp, makes us aware of that abundance that can be regenerated if we care with conscience and light, the wonderful landscape and the paradisiac beaches of the Island of Ibiza.