Verónica Mar


«I love the sea, I need to escape to enjoy it and look at its immensity, its strength, its sweetness, its sound, its smell. At that moment I feel full, free, happy, and I understand everything. Ula was born during the confinement of 2020, we were lucky enough to have the whole family together in a cave-dwelling in Granada, in the middle of the mountain. In many moments I closed my eyes and heard the sea in me. In those months my sister-in-law was also pregnant. There are those who see that pregnancy at ULA. » Verónica Mar



ULA is born as a tribute to Veronica´s memories from the summer holidays by the sea. She is from Granada, Andalusia, Spain, with cliffs plunging into the Mediterranean, her eyes were always on the sea and especially on her games of opposites and her energy. ULA means «jewel of the sea». And as such, it reminds us, warns us, makes us realize that organicity, a perfect curve of continuous movement.

Hand carved in marble,  by expert craftsmen in the south of Spain, every marble slab is different and unique due to its veins, which means that the final results may vary slightly from the picture. Each piece is individually signed by Verónica Mar and comes with a Certificate of authenticity.