Verónica Mar


“Since college in fine arts, I remember creating sculptures that represented the union of opposites. This symbolic union is present in everything that exists. Several years later, and upon discovering the TAO TE KING I understood everything. That wisdom that we all have was speaking to me through my work. SOUL is that representation of the energy present in everything that exists, that spiral movement, always growing. SOUL is that inner Totem.” Verónica Mar.

Soul, anima, immaterial entity, vital principle, internal essence, spiritual component.

Etymologically, derived from Old English sáwol, sáwel which means immortal principle in man. In this original sense, the 4 elements of nature (water, fire, earth, and air) possess it. Thus, for Aristotle, the soul is the constitutive principle, the internal essence of each being alive. 


The SOUL SCULPTURE Collection works with that principle. In an upward spiral motion that can be observed in infinite elements in the universe (from in the chains of DNA to the growth of plants and flowers) linking air and earth and symbolizing constant movement and regeneration. 

A perfect Totem in marble which with its magnificence and the blood that runs in its veins, helps us rise to other planes.

Pure alchemy, of those materials born in the bowels of the earth, sanded, carved by the most excellent Spanish artisan hands with years of experience in the different trades of hers that Verónica is re-discovering.  

The SOUL SCULPTURE Collection is the materialization of the spirit and the spiritualization of matter. Being a bridge for the energy of the sacred in each of its manifestations.

SOUL SCULPTURE won the1st prize at the international design competition of urban furniture made of acrylic stone LG HIMACS among more than 500 projects presented, in London (September 2011).