My art connects you

When you create, you can influence the way people evolve globally.

My work drives you to Nature, allows you to connect with the essence of life.

When I was 3 years old, I painted on my parent’s living room a huge sun and I have been creating ever since. The sun and the sea from Granada, Spain, where I was born, gives me the energy that you feel reflected in my life not only as an artist but also as a human being. I love to create, art, design, landscapes, jewelry, and even my summer dresses, and you can feel that all my creations are connected to the essence of nature. Some of my unique designs have been internationally awarded being exhibited in museums and fairs around the world. I enjoy meeting new people, clients, and collectors that live my creations with a unique connection with their own essence.


My research aims to find a balance between volume, shape and space underlining emptiness instead of mass. Inspired by Brancusi, I too continually seek the essence of life through organic lines and forms.
These organic shapes drawn in the air, like an ethereal calligraphy, and subtly playing with texture, color and the ever-changing reflections caused by the light.

The combination of both classical and avant-garde materials, like steel, brass, aluminum, and Krion (acrylic stone) and carbon fiber allow me to articulate inside and outside spaces with different levels of intimacy.

My sculptures are like a spiral: they move upwards suggesting both physical and mental growth and ideas of pureness and asceticism through a minimal objectual presence. In this sense, the interaction with the viewer is important as they become part of the sculpture and engage in a challenging introspective dialogue in which they can recognize themselves.

I have always felt attracted by the monumentality of Anish Kappor, the essentialism of Donald Judd and the atmospheric installations of James Turrell. They all served as inspiration to articulate a dialectics of eternal and ephemeral, empty and full, light and darkness.

I feel that my artwork is a thought-provoking metaphor of the individual and our quest for freedom, emancipation and self-fulfillment.


I design sculptures with functionality, inspired by nature, and created under Mies Van der Rohe´s premise “less is more” where the organic lines provide an essential natural beauty that emotions you and connects with yourself. All my creations have their own soul, they are pieces of art that you can enjoy and express a duality inherent in everything that exists.

The unique pieces GINKGO, which is a direct cast of the tree itself, in metal, although it seems to have nothing to do with my line of work, really is the materialization in nature of the conceptual basis of all my work. The Ginkgo tree is a sacred tree in China and Japan, one of the planet’s longest-living species, the first species to sprout after the Hiroshima bomb.
Ginkgo Biloba represents, like all my work, the union and balance of duality: heaven and earth, male and female, light and shadow, Yin Yang energies, polarities present in everything that exists.

I work with sculptors and artisans to craft each piece because they have a unique approach to work with each material and a perfect understanding of the production processes. Moreover, they contribute with their expert work, but more importantly, their own soul to each creation.

Since 2007 my designs have appeared in numerous specialized blogs, magazines, newspapers and books. And the AUTUMN LEAF swing and the S SCULPTURE bench are international design awards.

I currently live in Madrid and I create for clients from all over the world.